Restaurant Hemelse Modder


At restaurant Hemelse Modder we cook for our neighbours, for distant friends and for new faces. For people who want to get together with their city family for a nice evening. For a pleasant mix of people in small and large groups. To give a golden edge to a weekday and to lift the weekend.

When selecting our ingredients, we choose what is close by with a view to preserving our environment: mushrooms and vegetables from Amsterdam, cheese from local cheese makers and sea fruit fresh from the North Sea.

Cheerful dining

Contemporary classics

We bring taste and structure together in innovative ways as if it was always the case. Cooking is a logic that arises from acquired knowledge about ingredients and the choice for quality. The enthusiasm of our chef and his team is contagious. The dishes are contemporary classics with their origins in French cuisine and with the cosmopolitan influence of lively Amsterdam.


A beautiful evening for every guest

Restaurant Hemelse Modder originated from friendship. We value the good relationship with our employees, suppliers and regular guests. In this way we create a hospitable setting where everything and everyone comes together in a pleasant way. We serve 3, 4 and 5 course menus in a cozy atmosphere. Each dish is carefully prepared and easy to adapt to specific dietary requirements.


Heart of Amsterdam

The Amsterdam character of the restaurant gives it a nice mix of familiar and cosmopolitan. The beautiful location adds extra colour: the enchanting evening blue of the canal at the front and a green oasis with a terrace in spring and summer at the rear. In the cozy Nieuwmarkt neighborhood, within walking distance of Amsterdam Central Station.