Our kitchen

Dutch cuisine with worldly influences 

Our menu offers a refined, locally sourced basis with a French undercurrent, mixed with flavor combinations from our and other cultures. 

We are proud of the Dutch culinary culture that is so closely linked to the world as a whole. A dedicated team works on creating well-balanced dishes, and pays particular attention to seasonal vegetables, every single day.


Close to home 

We attach great importance to the origin of our ingredients. It tells us something about the taste of that ingredient, and contributes to a better-balanced nature in the long term. 

We mostly buy from organic farmers in the Amsterdam region because their sustainable way of working benefits the taste and nutritional value of the products they produce. 

Close consultation with carefully selected suppliers often results in less obvious dishes, which is a pleasure for both our chefs and our guests. 

Products which we can’t buy locally, we purchase based on equivalence and great taste. The Heavenly Mud dessert, for example, is a 100% fair-trade treat.

Vegetarian dishes 

Making exciting and surprising vegetarian courses is in our genes. It is an absolute compliment when a meat lover ultimately chooses our vegetarian dish.

Meat or fish dishes 

The fish we use has a MSC-certification, which means that the fish comes from sustainable fisheries. No overfishing and the conservation of the ecosystem are the pillars of this certification. We dedicate the same level of commitment to choosing our meats.


Fresh herbs

Our chef Rick Huigen is at his absolute best when he can experiment. Especially with herbs. The aroma of fresh herbs gives the meal a whole new dimension.

Rick grew up in Groningen and enjoyed cooking for his family as a child. He knew, early on, that he wanted to be a chef and chose to pursue his dream right after high school. He studied the craft at the culinary school in Almere, The Netherlands.

Rick is known for his boundless dedication, his will to keep learning and his creative curiosity to discover new flavor combinations. And that’s what makes him a devoted and passionate chef who supervises a fantastic team with unbridled enthusiasm.   

Vegetables are an integral part of a good meal, and we love to make the most of the original flavor. We are always on the lookout for sophisticated and surprising flavor combinations.


Wine pairing 

When we change our menu we also choose new wine pairings. We look for wines that complement or enhance the flavor of the dishes. Even the seasons have a substantial influence on our wine pairings and meal planning. 

Special dietary needs  

If you have any special dietary needs or allergies – which we need to take into consideration – please let us know beforehand. We can always improvise a dish, but if you wish to have a lactose and gluten-free meal our kitchen will – with prior warning – create a special meal for you.




Enjoy together 

Our team believes that it is their duty to ensure you have a satisfying culinary evening. Hospitality, casual and relaxed are our key elements, which we put into practice each and every day. We are not in a hurry and, most of all, we want you to enjoy a splendid evening with your friends, family or colleagues. 

You can also book a table online. If you would like to have dinner with 9 or more guests, please fill in the form for a group dinner.